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7 December 1995
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» under my skin
Anna. 15. Bulgarian. Speaks English.
LOVES animals. Got a cat. <3.
Can't live without ice-cream and cookies.
If you want to add me at friends - go ahead, I'll add you too. Of course, we need to have interests in common.

» in my mind
Veronica Mars. One Tree Hill. Friends. Desperate Housewives.Ghost Whisperer. Gossip Girl. Grey's Anathomy. The O.C.

The Truth - I listen everything. Most Paramore. Kelly Clarkson. Guns n'Roses. Fall out boy.

Harry Potter. She's the man. Twilight.

Jason Dohring. Chad Murray. James Lafferty. Rupert Grint.Ed Westwick. Chace Crawford. Robert Pattinson. Taylor Lautner.

Kristen Bell. Sophia Bush. Hilarie Burton. Bethany Joy Galeotti. Emma Watson. Blake Lively. Leighton Meester. Kristen Stewart. Ashley Greene.

Jacob Black is my husband at fairytale_wed

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100x100, actresses, adam brody, alice cullen, alternative, animals, animations, ashleigh, ashley greene, avril lavigne, bella, bella swan, bella/edward, bella/jacob, bethany joy galeotti, bethany joy lenz, billy black, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, blair/serena, blake lively, blake/leighton, books, breaking dawn, brooke davis, brooke/haley, brooke/lucas, buffy/faith, cappie, cappie/casey, carlisle cullen, casey cartwright, cecily von ziegesar, chace crawford, chandler/joey, charlie swan, chase crawford, chinese food, chuck, chuck bass, chuck/blair, computers, cullen, cullens, cw, dale, dan humphrey, dan/blair, danneel harris, dean/brooke, dean/veronica, dimitar berbatov, eclipse, ed westwick, edward, edward and bella, edward cullen, elle bishop, elle/syler, emmett cullen, esme cullen, eva longoria, fall out boy, films, forks, gifs, gossip girl, graphics, greek, grey's anathomy, grey's anatomy, haley james scott, harry potter, hayden panetierre, hayley williams, hilarie burton, house m.d., ice age, icons, j/b, jacob black, jacob/bella, jake/peyton, james lafferty, jason dohring, jenny humphrey, kate voegele, kelly clarkson, kristen bell, kristen stewart, kristen/sophia, leeighton meester, leighton meester, logan echolls, logan/veronica, manchester united, movies, music, nate archibald, nathan scott, nathan/haley, new moon, new york city, omgsway!, one tree hill, paramore, peter/elle, peyton sawyer, photoshop, prison break, queen b, rachel bilson, rachel gattina, reading, rebecca logan, rusty cartwright, serena van der woodsen, seth cohen, seth/summer, shows, singers, smeyer, sophia bush, stephenie meyer, stock icons, sum 41, sylar/elle, taylor lautner, taylor momsen, taylor swift, team jacob, team werewolf, the cullens, the o.c., the oc, twilight, twilight saga, ugly betty, vanessa abrams, veronica mars, veronica/logan, werewolves, zachary quinto

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